Shear Vanity salon
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5306 Martway St., Mission, KS 66205
Brazillian $65
American $60
Armpits $25
1/2 Leg $45
Full Leg $55
Eyebrows $13
Bikini $45 
Lips $13
Chin $18

​​Removing hair from the body is certainly not new. Hair removal has been an integral part of grooming since prehistoric times. In fact, men used flint to remove unwanted hair as early as 30,000 B.C., The ancient Egyptians did this long before suburban house wives discovered the bikini wax. The Egyptians paved the way for modern waxing. Around 60 B.C., they started removing hair via a process called sugaring. Later, the Greeks adopted this ideal of smoothness. The old Greek sculptures show us that. The sculptures of women are polished, shiny and all, and there is no pubic hair at all, whereas the sculptures of men do show pubic hair! The Greeks thought pubic hair on women was ugly and upper class ladies removed it. The Romans did not like pubic hair either and young girls began removing it as soon as it first appeared. In 1520, Bassano de Zra wrote: "The Turks consider it sinful when a woman lets the hair on her private parts grow. As soon as a woman feels the hair is growing, she hurries to the public bath to have it removed or remove it herself." The public baths all had special rooms where the ladies could get rid of their hair. In the sixties, smoothness was rediscovered with the invention of the bikini, and today many woman remove hair somewhere on their bodies. It is the fashion to have smooth armpits, legs, bikini lines. Today, even men are getting smooth.Although fashion trends have changed the style of removal as well as the area or areas on the body where hair removal commonly occurs, many of the same techniques used by the ancients are still in use today.