Shear Vanity salon
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5306 Martway St., Mission, KS 66205
So you’ve just been to visit our salon and walked out looking a million dollars. The stylist used the most advanced products on the market and have on-going training to match. We only use the best products out there to achieve the best results with our work.  We can create a complete collection of products to achieve your latest look for you to replicate at home. We give you the knowledge on what each product is for, how much to use and how to apply, plus a hands-on how-to at each step of your service.
TIGI  products only need a small amount to work. They work from the inside of the hair outwards, with no build up of product.  You can also use pro hair masks for really intense treatment that give your hair that extra boost when needed. Hair that gets better and better over time. These are the foundations towards your final result of perfect healthy hair.   TIGI products can cover any scenario of hair style out there from the catwalk to the streets. These are the tools that we use to create our art, without them we wouldn’t be able to give you such great looking styles to leave the salon with.   Your hair is the material that we work with; these products make fine hair full of volume, coarse hair smooth and soft. Products that do exactly what they say they do – and more!
We choose to use TIGI products to perfect your look and I’m guessing you want your hair to look like this all the time, so why would you use anything else?    Make us proud of our work…..